Little Bits


Chocolate Mousse

Our signature fudgy, chocolate cake, layered between smooth, chocolate mousse covered in a rich chocolate ganache. A chocolate lover’s dream.

Classic Vanilla Bean

Simple classic vanilla cake bursting with sweet vanilla flavour, this super light vanilla cake is layered with rich vanilla butter cream.

Pina Colada

Perfect for any occasion, this exotic coconut cake sits between layers of pineapple compote and rum buttercream and topped with lightly toasted coconut flakes and maraschino cherries.

Spiced Apple

Decadent caramel tops off this delicious spiced cake. Our special apple compote and caramel butter cream make this an irresistible culinary delight.


Rich cheesecake Infused with luscious coffee liqueur, hints of cocoa and a special blend of mascarpone. Our take on a traditional dessert.

Ginger Peach

Succulent peaches are surprised by a touch of ginger as our rich creamy cheesecake creates an unexpected blend of flavours in this unusual gastronomical delight.

Bailey's & Caramel

Our signature base is made a bit livelier with smooth, rich Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Topped with our special caramel, and whipped cream, make this a cheesecake lover’s delight.


Delicious whipped cream atop a succulent strawberry filling create layers of textured flavours in this delightful cheesecake favourite.