Little Bits

About Us




How it all started...

Little Bits was co-founded by two cousins, Russell Williams and Miriam Ramsammy.

Our story is an adventure about our love of food, facing fears and taking risk. We had a dream, said a prayer, and took a leap of faith into the world of desserts. We developed our love of food from an early age, growing up in a large multicultural family. Before any family event could be planned the first question would always be, ‘who was doing the cooking?’. We both have always had a love for the kitchen and looking back it is no surprise where we have ended up.

Fast forward to 2017. As co-founder Russell describes, I was working as a mechanical engineer in a job that I wasn’t passionate about, and Miriam had just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and was trying to decide whether to accept her Masters offer, or make a 180 degree turn to undertake the culinary degree that she and I had always dreamed of. Miriam and I were in constant communication, comparing recipes, sharing food ideas or providing input to improve something we made. Our love of food never strayed and in one such conversation talking about our future cafe, I decided it’s now or never.